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By neftachan · May 2, 2013 · 0 Comments ·

Sorry the blog has not been updated for so long! Last year in University is even more hectic (ironic, I know) and I'll be jetsetting off to Europe in about 2 weeks time!

Will have the blog updated with Europe pictures when I can!

Meanwhile, you can follow me on Instagram under neftasg!


Krabi 2012 Weekend getaway

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By neftachan · November 12, 2012 · 0 Comments ·
So my boyfriend was dying to get out of the country and pulled 2 of his friends and I to Krabi.
This is my very first visit to a beach-centric part of the world, really.
I didn't know what to expect, but it was nicer than I expected.

Yes, the views are fantastic.
The sand is soft (not Aonang, but Phi Phi).
And the sun was sure hot.
Phi Phi Don

Awesome clear waters, although there were A LOT of people.

White sands and clear water.

Okay, so the thing I didnt quite like about the trip was that the taxi driver led us to one if his sister's travel agency.
It was good in a way that the locals are trying to promote Krabi's sights and sounds.
But they were trying very hard to sell us their tour package.
I think we paid about S$30-40 per pax for:

  • Car ride to Krabi market (we reached on a Saturday late morning)
  • Boat trip to 3 islands + Lunch buffet + Snorkeling at 2 sites + Mini fruit buffet at the end
  • Car ride back to the airport

Also, snorkeling at Monkey Bay (or something like that) was not impressive as the waters were not clear. 
Snorkeling near Phi Phi Don was better as it was much clearer.
I recommend to bring some bread along to feed the fish. 
Cheap thrills for having a school of fish swarming to a bread near you.

Anyway, don't be in a hurry to get a tour package for Krabi. Along Aonang beach, theres A LOT of tour agencies.
And they are most probably from only a handful of "providers/suppliers".
In fact, we joined other tourists for each of the sightseeing!

Krabi weekend market was nice - but more for food than retail shopping.
There is a mall near the market, which has KFC, Boots, clothes and such. 
I loved Boots, because it carries Soap and Glory - got my shampoo and conditioner for the trip there!

View of the swimming pool at Queen's Bay Pavillon. We didn't dare go in, though.

My hotel/resort was Queen's Bay Pavillon
As it was off-season, my boyfriend took advantage of the cheap room rate (about S$40 for 3 days 2 nights).
The room is HUGE + balcony and big personal swing + HUGE TOILET.
I admit its not as fantastic as I expected, but for the price we paid, it is worth the money.
Except that the rooms can feel humid/damp when you first enter - but after 2 to 3 hours of non-stop airconditioning, it becomes better. So remember to ask for 2 keycards and leave 1 keycard in the slot to keep the electricity on!

We also tried the famous Thai massage along Aonang beach. It was kind of a fixed price, even when we went to the extreme end of Aonang, where its a deadend to a certain resort.
They try to sell you the Aromatherapy Thai massage, but I didn't go for it (:
The Thai massage costs about 200 baht or so? 

Food in Krabi is cheap! Compared to Singapore. I am a die-hard fan of zi char style of eating (i.e. call several dishes and eat with a bowl of rice) and I loved the Thai green curry, Tom yum, minced chicken and basil.
Oh my god, all too awesome!
The Thai ice milk tea that I ordered at 2 different places were VERY SWEET, please take note.
We also got pizza for one night and it was big and cheap. It is thin crust and not a lot of ingredients, though.

Transportation in Krabi is pretty straightforward. Tuk-tuk, walk or rent a scooter. My boyfriend rented a scooter for 24 hours and he enjoyed it. It allows you to explore the island, especially when some places are quite a distance away by foot.
He went to the 7-Eleven store which was quite far (still manageable by foot, I think) and bought Thai-produced bird's nest drink.
Apparently, only 7-Eleven is authorized to sell a specific brand of bird's nest drink, I can't exactly remember the brand.
It was not bad - the more expensive one (premium I think) is better. Less syrup, more bird's nest.

There are also some stores along Aonang beach that sells daily necessities and alcohol. I saw the smallest and cutest Absolut Vodka, very very apt for making your own vanilla extract.

I only spent 3 days and 2 nights in Krabi, but would definitely want to go back there one more time!
Bangkok is one of my to-go list as well! (:

OPI Skyfall (Winter 2012) and Germany collection (Fall 2012)

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By neftachan · November 12, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

As promised! I bought the Skyfall collection from TimTam00 (google it). I subscribed to her mailing list and I had a promotional price of SGD$10 per bottle with free shipping (local).

I bought the Germany collection from Wowprettynails, a nail polish spree conducted by a very friendly seller! She shares the cuticle sticks and free Filmo sticks amongst the spree-ers (:

I'll update with nail swatches when I'm done!
[since 11/11/12] Update of swatches done: Danke Shiny Red, Moonraker, Skyfall

Let the pictures do the talking!

OPI Skyfall (Winter 2012)

Instagram-med photo! The bottles were overexposed and a "brightening" filter as set. Not true to colour.

HLD13 Moonraker


Nail swatch for Moonraker


This finished off in a pale blue metallic foil finish. The strokes of the brush are much more pronounced in this polish, which I've mixed feelings about. 
I did a gold glitter gradient on my nails and it matched perfectly with the colour!
My nails look less odd with the glitter gradient - perhaps because the focus is shifted from the blue metallic to the gold glitter.
I think this polish is "too boring" to be worn alone - glitter or nail art should be put on as well. 


HLD12 Skyfall

Nail swatch for Skyfall

Pardon the messy nails. Was in a hurry and didn't remove the stray polish at the sides.
This polish is somewhat a wine red-brown creme polish. I can't seem to capture the "maroon" portion of this polish ): Apparently the female seductress in the Bond movie "Skyfall" wears this polish during the movie. The colour certainly has a 'seductive' vibe to it, but somehow it also looks quite tasty.
Did I mention I'm on the hunt for a chocolate brown creme polish? Yes. I saw Rescue Beauty Lounge's sold-out Au Chocolat, and yes thats the exact color I dream of.

HLD16 On Her Majesty's Secret Service

HLD17 Live and Let Die


OPI Germany Collection (Fall 2012)

From left to right: Danke Shiny Red, Germani-cure, Every Month is Oktoberfest


Nail swatch for Danke Shiny Red

Danke Shiny Red

Thoughts and comments:
This polish is actually brighter in real-life. Some bloggers mention it as being "glowy".
Its actually a metallic-foil-like finish without top coat. With top coat, the polish looks like a nice red creme polish.
But when its under the light, you can actually see the metallic-finish of the polish, which is pretty cool. 
This is pretty much incomparable to glitter-based (China Glaze Ruby Pumps) and creme-based red polishes. Pretty nice.


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A November Sephora visit

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By neftachan · November 11, 2012 · 0 Comments ·
Popped down to town to check out the new Plaza Singapura extension - lots of new stores opening up!
Theres quite a number of Japanese restaurants and cafe, can't wait to try them all (:

Anyway, I visited Sephora PS and ION Orchard and did not get away empty-handed. Before I "introduce" my haul, the Urban Decay Vice Palette (S$80+++) is in-stock! No GWP, unlike the pre-release event though *major sigh*.
I skipped it, but managed to swatch some of the colours which caught my eye (all without primer).
Pictures below!
Urban Decay has also other Christmas releases, such as the 24/7 Eye pencils and etc. Do check them out if you are interested!

So, my haul consisted mainly of a Urban Decay 24/7 Liquid Eyeliner in DemolitionMake Up For Ever Aqua Cream in #13 and #15.
Also got myself a Sephora cream eyeshadow brush, nail polish base coat, nail polish remover & makeup brush cleanser!
I also previously bought Boscia Purifying Cleansing Gel, which I am loving!
Reviews to be up in December, after my exams end! (:

Thank you for reading! (:

Dollywink update - September

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By neftachan · September 22, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

Tsubasa-chan has updated her Dollywink line AGAIN! This times its 3 new upper eyelashes and repackaging some of her previous line's eyelashes.

It seems that Tsubasa-chan and KOJI loves the new packaging style - sweet and simple. The previous packaging was not that bad either, but very typical gyaru-style - attention grabbing and loud.

I quite like this progression, because it seems as if anyone can pick this up and wear it - not just gyarus!

NEW Lashes:

No. 15 Pure Girl

A set of natural looking lashes - recommended for OLs (office ladies) and university students!


No. 16 Dolly Mix

I think this means that your eyes will much much more "impact". Probably because it has thick black bands.


No. 17 Diamond Dolly

Ok so apparently girls were requesting for a thick base band - there you go.
This is one of my favorite designs of all.


Repackaging release:

No.1 Dolly Sweet

No.2 Sweet Girly

No. 4 Feminine Style

I'm in LOVE with Tsubasa-chan's styling in this photo!

No. 5 Real Nude

No. 8 Pure Little

KOJI x Tsubasa video snips of the new release!

Hope you enjoyed this update!

OPI Skyfall (Winter Collection 2012)

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By neftachan · September 16, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

Sorry for the lack of update, BUT I AM IN LOVE - with OPI's new collection "Skyfall". 

I don't know much, but its named after  the latest 007 Bond movie.

I just sent in my order for 4 polishes that I like - 

HLD12 Skyfall
HLD16 On Her Majesty's Secret Service
HLD17 Live and Let Die
HLD13 Moonraker

Swatches will come in slowly as I wear each colour each week (lol).


Credit: Phoenixbeautylounge


One of the highlights - 18k carat gold top coat. Wow.

Credit: DivabooststyleNYC

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Macaron Craze~

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By neftachan · August 6, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

Made 2 batches of macarons today! I did a plain shell batch and a green tea shell batch.

I matched the plain shell with the Creme de Marron I bought from Paris (yes I cheated, but it tastes so damn good).

The green tea shells were matched with chocolate ganache, which didn't turn out THAT good as I used milk instead of double cream.

I also tried dusting the green tea shells with chocolate powder, I realized the powder would stick better if the shells were in the midst of drying, rather than dusting after it has dried.

Pictures below!

All pictures were taken with iPhone and HDR filter was added ^^

Please refer to my previous post here regarding tips on baking macarons in Singapore!

EDIT 11/11/2012: Baked another batch! This time, I learned that PASTE colours don't stay well on macarons! The best is still powder or gel colourings (: Grinded lavender goes divine with chocolate!
(Left: Lavender macarons, Right: Green tea with chocolate ganache)

Majolica Majorca Raspberry Macaron & Lash King Black Review

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By neftachan · July 31, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

Majolica Majorca released a few new products in their Summer release. Lash King (Black) was released in Spring, though. The summer release includes 2 new blusher, 1 body powder, 2 shades of brow mascara, 2 new nail colours, re-release of the creamy brown eye pencil, 2 new eyeshadow coordinates.

Frankly, this is like one of their more elaborate releases. The Spring release had a mere 3 - 4 items.

Anyway, I pretty much liked this release due to the colour concept (Psychedelic) and their tinned blushers! I didn't buy the previous Peach and Pink macaron blushers because the colours were to blah and I had similar colours from CandyDoll, Canmake and Sleek.

This time, they had Raspberry (Fuschia Pink) and Cherry (Cherry Red) Macaron. I bought Raspberry Macaron, because I didn't have a colour just quite like it in my stash ;p

The swatches shown above, sorry for the bad picture! The LEFT shows Cherry Macaron and RIGHT shows Raspberry Macaron. The colours are true to the pan colour and both are gorgeous. Each has microshimmer/glitter incorporated in the blush as well.

You may want to start with a light hand and build up the colour. FYI, I don't use the given powder puff - I use my own blusher instead (:
I think this colour goes well with fair-skinned girls!

Lash King was actually pretty good at lengthening my lashes. My lashes are already naturally long, though. Bad thing is I always have a problem trying to get that curled lashes look and this mascara felt a little heavy on me when I tried layering.

I'll probably try this mascara out again 

P/S: The lace-patterned silicone coaster is from FRANC FRANC. Ikr - I used a coaster for decorative purpose -_-||

New Dollywink Releases (12th July)

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By neftachan · July 29, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

Just saw new releaes from DollyWink on ekiblog.

UPDATE (23 Sept 2012): I saw these in Watsons! Available now! 

*Foams* The colour coordinate is just too much!

The new releases include: Brown liquid eyeliner, Black liquid eyeliner (repackage), Brown & Black pencil eyeliner (repackage)
Limited edition releases include: Brown VolumeLong Mascara, Eyelashes 3 pack sets in 1, 2, 5, 10, 11, 14

 Black Liquid Eyeliner (repackage)

 Brown Liquid Eyeliner (new!) LOVE the mint!

 Black & Brown Pencil Eyeliner (repackage)
This comes in a special "flower-shaped" cap

 Brown Mascara in 01 LONG

 Brown Mascara in 02 VOLUME *<3 Mint*

Limited Edition 3 pairs eyelash sets - basically for the more popular eyelash series.

And guess what, Tsubasa-chan is already working on new Autumn releases! Check here.


Hope you found this useful!

Credits: http://www.ekiblog.com , http://www.koji-honpo.co.jp/tsubasa/

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CandyDoll Magical Runway Event

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By neftachan · July 28, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

I attended the CandyDoll Magical Runway event on Wednesday 25th July! I am very very grateful to M.O.S.S Marketing for opening this event to the public (Facebook fans) on top of inviting famous bloggers. 

It was a great event as everyone had the chance to see 2 professional makeup artists, a real Japanese model and Candydoll products to sample!

The event was held at REEBONZ space on Level 7 Clifford Centre at Raffles Place, so it was very accessible! I didn't wear makeup to the event (>_<) because I rushed over from my attachment at the hospital.

This was where Mawaki-san and Hana (the makeup artists) placed their stuff. And if you see the cash register behind, that was where those awesome Candydoll product deals were being sold at the end of the event. 

VERY GOOD DEAL, I tell you. I got my favorite mineral powder at S$27, it even beats shipping from Japan.

This is one of the 3 tester counters available. I didn't really try everything - just the primer and the shading powder. And a little FYI, I overheard that those decorative "sweets" were handsown by one of the M.O.S.S. ladies. I have the impression that she is the in-charge of the whole event or maybe the boss - she had good knowledge of the products and she is so enthusiastic!  

From left to right: Mawaki-san, Model-san (I think she's an established Japanese model), Lady-who-made-the-sweets XD

Mawaki-san and Hana-san has been very very informative throughout the event!

From here, I'll be posting pictures of the (hopefully) whole makeup process with instructions and tips Mawaki-san gave throughout the event!

1. Prime with Candydoll primer. Take a small amount and put all over your face. Blend by patting the primer. Finish off by patting the face with a clean sponge to remove excess. The primer has microglitter and SPF coverage.

2. Put on Candydoll liquid foundation with a paddle brush. Mawaki-san used Candydoll's paddle brush made of 100% goat hair. Make sure to apply from centre to the side of the face. Mawaki-san mentioned that the paddle brush is good for covering pores as well. (I'm more of a Shiseido Perfect Foundation brush fan though.)
Finish off by using the same clean sponge to dab off the excess.
Apply Candydoll Mineral Powder (Crystal for Party look, Matte for Dolly look).
[EDIT 29/8]: I realised Mawaki-san applied the Mineral Powder differently from what I do normally. He basically folded the powder puff into a half moon shape with the white part carrying the powder facing out. He then slides the tip of this half-moon from the centre to the side of the face. This probably reduces the excess powder left on your face!

3. Apply concealer. Mawaki-san said this is a must-have in a cosmetic pouch. He applied below the eyes to cover the dark circles, any pigmentation, corners of the nose and also the corners of the mouth. Gently pat the concealer in. If you want a higher nose bridge, you can apply a little bit of concealer on top of the nose and blend upwards towards the bridge of the nose. Do not blend the concealer until too thick or too wide.
Apply highlighter below the eyes (dark eye circle area) and on top of the nose bridge in a slim and single line. Highlighter below your eyes can help hide away your dark eye circles as Hana mentioned and highlighting the nose creates an illusion of a higher nose bridge.

4. Apply eyeliner, eyebrow powder and false eyelashes (this was done by Hana-san). They mentioned lower lashes really can accentuate your eyes and create a dolly look (:
5. Next, apply blusher. Mawaki-san chose the lighter pink shade for the model. He mentioned that Strawberry Pink (the darker pink) might be too tricky for beginners to use and Tsu-chan tends to mix the light and dark pink shades for her CM/photoshoots.
He introduced 2 ways to apply the blusher - on the apple of the cheeks and blend out for a cute look. For a cool cute look, blend on the apple of the cheeks, but further away from the centre and blend out.
He also recomended to apply a thin line on the chin - it helps to make the face look smaller and also removes the heavy focus of the blusher on the cheeks. Applying a thicker line of blusher would make the face look bigger. The 'line' of blusher need not be so intense that it can actually be seen, I have the impression he uses it like a highlighter - so its a subtle difference.
6. Add either Apricot Biege or Ramune Pink lipstick as a base. Apply Candydoll lipgloss in Juicy Cherry.

7. Next was applying shading powder. Candydoll actually produced a helpful brochure on how to applying shading powder. Also, Mawaki-san said shading powder is a must-have for girls as well. But it also depends on your face shape, if you have a sharp and small face, you might not need a shading powder.
You can also use the shading powder as a nose powder as well.

Note: Brown indicates where the shading powder should be applied. Pink indicated where the blusher should be applied.

Heres a better closeup of the pamphlet:

Completed make-up! The model is pretty slim and pretty >_<

At the end of the demonstration, M.O.S.S. also had a "Treasure Hunt" event - 2 boxes worth S$120 of products and 1 Candydoll voucher! I didn't get any though, heh.

But what I found great was the discounted prices for Candydoll products! I bought a backup Candydoll Mineral Powder and took the chance to try out Candydoll Marshmellow Purple as a highlighter and the Concealer :>

AND I might just be getting more stuff (again).

Can't wait to try them out!

EDIT: Just checked out Candydoll.jp and there was a new link "GIRLS MONITOR". I think its a makeup event by a MUA called KITA-san. He uses CandyDoll items to create a dolly look. Chanced upon this think that teaches you how to use Strawberry Pink, Peach Pink & Marshmellow Purple blushes all together without looking weird! See below...

Here is the KITA-san makeup demo step-by-step with Youtube videos for illustration (there's a page 2).

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